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The Managerial Decisions
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The Two Sides of the Uncertainty
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Uncertainty: Economic and Technical
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Learning Curve: Deepwaters Drilling in Brazil
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Real Options Evolution: Highlights
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Main Real Options
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Options in Petroleum E&P
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DCF Rules versus Real Options
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The Options Rule
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Stochastic Process
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Stochastic Models Equations
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General Geometric Mean Reversion Model
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Optimal Forecast of Geometric Brownian Motion
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Optimal Forecast of Mean-Reverting Motion
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Petroleum Prices (1870-1990) in 1967 dolars per barrel
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Model Definitions Choice
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Real Option Modeling
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The Project Lifetime and the Options Models
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Petroleum Field Option Value
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The Dividend Yield Effect
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Cost Volatility Effect
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Cost Volatility Effect
(3D Chart)

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