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General Information on Registration and Fee Purpose

Timing, the main spreadsheet available to download is a shareware. In order to use more than 30 days, is necessary to register.
The same is valid if you want the others shareware spreadsheets.
The registration fees are showed below.

For additional information about the spreadsheets available to download and the software available to register, see the pages:

The registration fee is entirely destined to continue this research on real options, permitting free online information on real options. So the philosophy underlying the proposition below is a non-profit idea for the software license-fees.
I think that by financing my research (by paying the license fee) there are additional benefits for the reader. With the passage of time, my research reverts into reader benefit by adding new materials and updating the older materials. This site is updated at random arrival dates, but I expected at least one update per year.

The practical idea is register for books using bookstores from the cyberspace.
The currency used here from these cyberbookstores is "gift certificate". See details below.

I have been spending over US$ 8,000 per year buying books and research materials, so I wish that this research to become partially self-financing, with free results presented in this website courtly hosted at PUC-RIO WWW Server.
Any excess of gift certificates (more than the books that I want to buy for myself research) - if happen, will be used to buy selected finance and economics books for the PUC-Rio library.

The License Fees

For the case of shipment by e-mail (with file attachment), the license fees are:

Registered users have special (lower) rates for software new versions, and discount for new real-options software. The discounts are, at least, 10% for new software and 30% for updates of registered ones.

Registered users also get unprotected spreadsheets and full functionality. However, the VBA codes are password protected when applicable (some files don't use VBA, e.g., Option Games Suite).

For acquisitions summing at least US$50, the interested in the software has the option to request a special CD-Rom with the software and other materials! However, there is an additional fee charge of US$ 30 for the optional CD-Rom shipment (to pay the costs and time to make the CD-Rom and to send it by snail mail).
Of course, for the option to send the files by E-mail, this additional cost is not charged.
In addition to the registered software, the CD-Rom brings the files from this The Real Options in Petroleum website, so you can navigate offline in my website!

The personalized CD-Rom looks like the picture below:

The front and back cover of the CD-Rom is illustrated below:

There is the option to send the files by diskettes (client choice, but with diskettes is not possible to send the website files) for users without CD-Rom driver.

In order to send CD-Rom I need the address (home or office) where you want that I send the CD-Rom with the real options software and the bonus files.

Special Offer for MBA's and M.Sc. courses and similar: Special fees for MBAs and others courses on real options! Special discounts for educational purposes and multiple users. The conditions are:

For a minimum of 5 software copies for the students, the teacher gets a FREE software copy and the students get the following discounts:

These discounts are valid for the software sent by e-mail. In case of the optional shipment by CD-Roms, the additional charge of $30 has no discount for the students (only the above discounts for the software).
However, if the students register more than US$ 300 in software, the teacher gains a FREE CD-Rom.
In addition, for more than US$ 500, the teacher gains a FREE CD-Rom with all software (independently if the students registered only one or two specific applications).

E-mail? Click here E-mail to the web-author by clicking here

Payment with Gift Certificates

The licence fee payment is just to buy an Electronic Gift Certificate either at or at bookstores. This certificate will be used for my books acquisition in my research and education.
This method is easy, practical, modern, and the licence payment is focused to my research. Facilities from a modern cyberspace era!

For Gift Certificate, just click in this Ordering an Gift Certificate link, press the button "Order a Gift Certificate" and specify that you are sending a Gift Certificate to Marco Antonio G. Dias, e-mail:, fill the value, and pay to Amazon with credit card or other way of your choice (use the secure server, it's safer).

Amazon will send an e-mail telling me about the Gift Certificate that you send (permitting to use in my book acquisitions) and I send the registered software.

I accept also gift certificates from (Amazon at United Kingdom).
Consult (send an email) for fees in Pounds.

As soon as I receive the E-mail from the bookstore (telling about the gift certificate and who sent) and the client e-mail saying the software he or she wants to register, I'll send the software by e-mail (file attach) or by snail-mail (CD-Rom), it's a client's choice.

In short, the registration process is done with the following steps:

  1. You pay a gift certificate at or using credit card or other payment form. Amazon send you automatic e-mail confirming this transaction;
  2. will check the credit card with the issuing bank and send me an e-mail immediately after that telling about the gift-certificate code and who sent the GC.
    In 90% of the cases it takes few minutes (so, few minutes after paying the gift certificate I receive the Amazon's e-mail). In some less frequent cases this can take one day if there is any operational problem in the bank system (so, send me also an e-mail after paying the GC); and
  3. As soon as I receive the Amazon's e-mail, I e-mail you the software pack (if your option is by e-mail) or I prepare the CD-Rom (if your option is by CD-Rom shipment).

Any doubt/question, please send an E-mail

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