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The April 2008 Update

12th Annual International Conference on Real Options - Theory Meets Practice
9-12 July in Rio de Janeiro - Co-Organized by PUC-Rio and ROG

The main news is that the next real options conference (ROC) will be in Rio, at Hotel Pestana (Copacabana beach). PUC-Rio is co-organizing with the Real Options Group this "ROC in Rio".
Marco A.G. Dias (me), by the Departamento de Engenharia Industrial (Industrial Engineering Department) and Luiz Brandão, by the Instituto de Administração e Gerência (Business and Management Institute) are the main responsible by the local arrangements.
The Keynote Speaker will be Professor Tom Copeland. The Brazilian pioneer O. Tourinho (with his doctoral thesis at Berkeley, 1979) will address the Luncheon Guest Lecture.

See the official event website at Real Options Group Conferences Webpage.

See also the PUC-Rio Local Conference Website, built by the IAG/PUC-Rio, with a lot of useful information, like VISA requirements (for some countries), tourism information and accomodation options.

Download Academic Conference Program by clicking here (pdf) or by clicking here (Word for Windows doc).

Download Managerial Conference Program by clicking here (pdf) or by clicking here (Word for Windows doc).

Due to my two (sometimes three) jobs at Petrobras (full time) and PUC-Rio (graduate courses and MBA in the evenings), I have been experimenting a lack of time to update properly my website in the last four years.
But I uploaded some courses materials (in Portuguese) from my graduate courses and some presentations from conferences and seminars.

IMPORTANT: I received many new contributions in the last years. I need time to prepare the webpages with these contributions. I promised to put these material online as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay.
In addition, I started new webpages with real options materials (on American options; on technical uncertainty modeling and learning measures, etc.), but again I need more time to finish these new additions.

The January 2004 Update

In this update I put some new materials listed below. This update has less new materials than the previous one because I spent most of my free time to standardize this website according the new PUC-Rio webserver standard (a webmaster demand).
In the next update, after my doctoral thesis defense (this year), a larger update will be prepared.
However, there are interesting new materials in the January 2004 update, including new contributions. See the list below.

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